Expanding Our Mission Project

In 2015, Unity was blessed by the Unity community who faithfully and generously provided gifts, prayers, time, talent and finances to build our new facility on 48th Avenue.  We are grateful to each and every person, company and organization that supported this effort. We thank God for His guidance, and generous provision as He answered our prayers with successful completion of our facility and allowing for our school to be completely debt free by 2018. For over a half-century (70 years), Unity Christian High School has expanded the mission of our school in fostering faith, increasing knowledge, and developing skills in students to serve God and others.

Unity Christian High School is facing significant challenges in order to continue to carry out its mission.  These challenges require creative and bold responses. To read more about these challenges and our responses in more detail, click below.

Expanding Our Mission – The Future

Following many interactions with community explaining our needs tremendous support has been received to expand current facilities.  Fundraising has been ongoing and financial commitments towards this project are at $8.5 million.  We are ready to engage our community to expand our mission!

The economic conditions today are much different than we faced in 2015.  The cost of materials has increased significantly, supply chain issues are real challenges, and timely building due to reduced work force are all realities this project faces.  Unity’s Board of Trustees have created a project that will happen in several sequences.  This sequencing will allow for fundraising to match the progression of a building timeline and will not interrupt the daily student schedule at school. 

Sequence II

Sequence II – Cost and schematic design are still under development. The desire is to begin this portion of the project in the summer of 2024.  Unity’s Trustees would determine a timeline as fundraising would need to match the costs.

The desired multi-purpose space which will support fine arts and physical education, will include a theater stage attached to a gymnasium resulting in a multi-functional space.  The physical education and fine arts programs will have designated space that can be used concurrently.   The dramatic and fine arts programs will now have a dedicated space for practice and performances.

  • New band/orchestra classroom supporting Unity’s two bands and two orchestras.
  • Restructuring of current space to create a physical education area, wrestling practice space, and support other co-curricular activities.
  • Additional bathroom and locker facilities
  • On site development office
  • New student entrance adding increased commons area allowing students to gather before, during and after school. This will also provide a community entrance and gathering area when hosting fine arts performances and community activities.
Sequence I

Sequence I Cost =$12.7 million

The current plan is moving forward with a start date of late spring 2023.  The first area of expansion will occur on the west side of the building with the following additions:

  • 5 general education classrooms
  • Science classroom
  • CAD/Engineering classroom
  • Robotics space
  • Restructuring of current classrooms to create an enhanced counseling center
  • Restructuring of current space for faculty and staff
  • Adding a connector between the south and north wings of the school to allow for greater flow and address student congestion.
  • Expanding the current industrial arts space
  • Addressing parking and parking lot flow of traffic
Phase 3 – Build academic building
Phase 3 – Build academic building

$12.6 Million- Phase III of the Building Unity Project was the start of the final push to raise the remaining amount for the cost to build the new school. Part of phase III took place in 2012 when Unity purchased an additional 30 acres to the south of the land it had owned, for future expansion. Phase 3 saw the full construction of the new Unity building on the 48th Avenue campus. The project started with a community groundbreaking in May 2014. The project was completed in August of 2015 when Unity students walked into classes for the first time in the new school for the 2015-16 year.

Phase 2 – Fundraise and complete parking lot and underground utilities
Phase 2 – Fundraise and complete parking lot and underground utilities

$10.5 Million- Phase II of the Building Unity Project was the kick-off of the fundraising campaign to start raising the full amount needed for the construction of the new school building, a cost of $23.1 million.  Included in phase II was the addition of extra parking at the campus which now serves as the schools main parking lot. The extra lot was completed in 2007.

Phase 1 – Buy the land and build athletic facilities
Phase 1 – Buy the land and build athletic facilities

$6.1 Million- Phase I of the Building Unity Project was the purchase of land on 48th Avenue that would become the new campus of Unity Christian. Included in phase I was the construction of a new athletic complex and infrastructure preparation for the new school building. Phase I was completed in 2003.