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Unity Christian High School is a place where every student is recognized as God’s own child with a specific plan for their life.  We provide a faith-infused Christian Education with educators that guide students in faith and learning. 

Why Unity?

Unity Christian provides a faith-infused education that is Biblically based and academically excellent. A Unity education prepares students for a life of service while engaging culture to restore the Kingdom of God on earth and claim all things for Him.

About Us

Founded in 1953, Unity has been transforming lives for more than 65 years. With alumni totaling over 11,000, our reach extends across West Michigan, the United States, and around the globe.

Our Community

Community is an integral part of the Unity Christian family. Our community extends far beyond the local area with alumni living missionally wherever they are called to be throughout West Michigan, the United States, and around the world.

The desire for faith-infused education is growing in our community. Through prayerful reliance on God and strategic decision making we are concluding Sequence I and kicking off Sequence II of our “Expanding our Mission” project. It is a blessing to serve families and students in providing an education which uses God’s holy scripture as the lens through which we see and teach all things. Please keep us and our students in your prayers as we continue to move forward.

Unity Christian’s ongoing desire to guide students towards a life lived by faith, with excellence, and for service led to the development of The Infusion Project. The Infusion Project’s primary objective is to lead students to know and to understand how every part of the Christ-followers life is viewed through the lens of Scripture.

We invite you to learn more about Unity.

Our Leadership Staff

Jerry DeGroot


Jeff Engbers

Athletic Director

Dan Landstra

Director for Spiritual Leadership, Bible

Bill Postma

Director of Instruction

Scott Soodsma

Dean of Students/Attendance
Total Staff

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