The Infusion Project

Being a High School student that is part of Generation Z is difficult. Our students have to navigate through many difficult issues every day. 

We hope to help guide our students through many of these issues throughout our school year. The Infusion Project is a way for us to connect with our students on these issues and then share them with our UC Parents and Community. On this page, you will find videos from Chapels are students attending regarding these life issues, information about our upcoming parent nights, resources to help navigate these issues, and our Deeper Color Blog: where we will talk about these issues and give you more information about what we’re doing to help. 


Throughout the school year, students have the opportunity to hear from experienced speakers on key issues they are facing in their everyday lives. We have recorded these Chapels and uploaded them so our community can also learn and be encouraged.


We will be planning two evenings a year for parents to come to Unity to learn about and discuss relevant topics related to students. Find information about upcoming Parent Nights here.