Education Foundation

Since 1953, Unity Christian has served parents by providing a quality, Christ-centered education. Through this education, more than 11,000 Unity Christian graduates have been equipped to assume positions of leadership in their home, churches, and communities around the world. In 1974, the Unity Christian Foundation was formed to provide financial stability to the school.

Foundation Mission

Unity’s Education Foundation, a means to help provide quality and affordable Christ-centered secondary education, will promote Unity Christian High School in the community and will provide long-range financial support.

To achieve our goal, the Foundation must grow; and to grow, it needs your gifts. Your contribution to the Foundation will continue to give for generations to come. From the earnings of the fund, six (6) percent is gifted to the school annually. A larger Foundation principal means a larger grant or gift to Unity Christian.

For more information on ways to support the Foundation, please contact Jack Lutke, Director of Development, at (616) 662-4011 or

Education Foundation Board of Trustees

wdt_IDName Title
1 Tim Vrieland President
2 Mike DeVries Vice President
4 Bill Aukeman Secretary
5 Cal Scholma Treasurer
6 Hank VanderWerp Trustee
7 Todd Grasman Trustee
8 Troy Billin Ex Officio Trustee (BOD President)
9 Jerry DeGroot Ex Officio Trustee (Principal)
10 Jack Lutke Director of Development
12 Ken Koppenol Executive Secretary