Why Israel 2020?

Why Israel?

In Genesis 12, God calls Abraham to leave his country, his people, and his father’s household to “Go to the land I will show you.”  Since then, the story of God and His people has been intertwined with the Land of Israel.  God placed His people in a most unique place within the ancient world, a place that has shaped the characters, stories, and teachings of the Bible.  It has been said that, “You can take the Book out of the Land, but you can never take the Land out of the Book.”  And St. Jerome once said that there are really five gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Land of Israel. 
By immersing ourselves into the world of the Bible, God’s Word will come to life in new, vibrant, and inspiring ways that can only be experienced by walking in the footsteps of Jesus, Paul, David, and Abraham. We will have the opportunity to grow in and deepen our faith but then to also go out from the Land as the disciples did to bring the message back to our homes and community.  This trip is not just an experience that comes and goes but one that will continue to enrich our study of the Bible and our faith journey long after we return home.  Studying in Israel is an exciting and unique opportunity for students and adults to grow in their faith and passion to live for God.