Trip Details

Trip Details

Click here to be directed to the downloadable PDF of the trip details and the Registration Form. 


Flights to Israel depart from Detroit or Chicago with connections through Europe or a direct flight from Toronto.  Flight arrangements will depend on cost and the size of the group.  Transportation on the ground will be by bus with a licensed company and driver.  Witte Travel in Grand Rapids will be handling the travel arrangements and has years of experience planning trips to Israel.


Lodging in Israel will be at hotels, all of which are modern, clean, safe, and affordable. Breakfast and dinner will be provided at the hotel


The Middle East is an ever changing region and often in the news.  Safety while in Israel will be a priority for the group. However, tourism in Israel has been at record highs and continues to be safe. We will monitor the current situation in Israel before and during the trip to make sure that the group is kept safe. We will also take safety precautions as we hike through rugged terrain and often hot conditions. Israel is a modern, developed country, so travel conditions will be quite comfortable for the group.

Optional Service Opportunity:

The trip could be expanded, possibly in the future, to include service time among the Palestinian Christian population in the Bethlehem area.  We would work with Bethlehem Bible College and other Christian organizations in the area to serve the Palestinian community and to build bridges with our brothers and sisters living in the city of Jesus’ birth and in the middle of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Service opportunities would be available both at the college and throughout Bethlehem.

Additional Information:

1.  Be prepared for strenuous exercise including hiking in difficult terrain.  Daytime temperatures could exceed 100’s and the sun is direct.
2.  Keep your body temperature controlled by drinking fluids before you are thirsty.
3.  Know your limitations.  People with a history of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, or history of chest discomfort or shortness of breath should consult their physician before the trip.  Remember to bring your prescription medications.
4.  There is a seven hour time difference between Israel and Michigan.
5.  Wife is available at the hotels.  Cell phones can work in Israel with international plans.  Mr. Blamer will have a cell phone available for phone calls home.
6.  Restrict your luggage to one large suitcase, one carry-on, and a waistpack/backpack.  There are space limitations on the tour buses.
7.  Israel currency is the shekel (exchange is 3.51/1), but U.S. currency seems to always be welcomed.  Credit cards are also accepted, but not everywhere.
8.  There are no special vaccination requirements.  It is wise to be up-to-date with your tetanus vaccine.

Packing List:

Hiking Boots (light trail)
Cool max, wicking socks
Hat (required)
T-shirts are fine.  A couple of lightweight button-down shirts are optional.
Zip-off pants or skirts for “modesty kits” at certain locations and Jerusalem
Bandannas (optional)
Personal items
Sandals or old shoes for Hezekiah’s tunnel
Other Items: 
Middle East electrical adapter
Waistpack w/ water bottles or backpack w/ camelback
Sunscreen (high protection)
Snacks (granola bars, paydays, salty snacks)
Pen and small notebook
Personal first-aid (bandaids, moleskin, diarrhea meds, personal meds)
Powdered gatorade
Money for lunches and water ($10-15 per day per person)
Laundry – Don’t plan on laundry facilities. Pack accordingly. We usually wash our socks and t-shirts out in sinks, so pack a little soap.