Revive Resale continues to be a blessing to the community

It has become an annual tradition at Revive Resale, the check disbursements. Every year the principals from the EOCS schools and Unity Christian gather to receive checks that are provided to them through Revive. Through Revive the store provides tuition assistance to every student that is a part of the EOCS schools and Unity. This year over $255,000 was distributed to the schools to help almost 2,300 students from the schools represented. That amounts to approximately $120 per student. Thank you to all in our community for their continued support of Revive and the support that it provides financially to our schools and families. A special thank you to the volunteers and staff who make Revive such a special place. We celebrate God’s faithfulness and blessings through Revive.

Revive is celebrated its 6th anniversary this month. Make sure to visit them on the corner of Baldwin and 36th in Hudsonville. You can also visit their Facebook page below using the link and their website at where you can always find deals and specials.