Prep 41

This is an opportunity for you to prepare along with your student(s) for Good Friday and Easter throughout this Lenten Season. 

A Time to Prepare

Ash Wednesday (March 6th)  marks the beginning of the season of Lent. Many Christians use this season as a time to prepare for Good Friday and Easter. Based on Jesus’ forty days in the desert without eating, Christians often use the season to reflect of Christ’s sacrifice by giving something up or starting a spiritual practice. We want to give you, the Unity Community, an opportunity, if you choose, to do that.

What We Are Offering

We are offering, for the second year, a Lent Bible Reading Challenge: Prep 41 for students and our Unity Christian community.  This includes three daily challenges: Bible Reading, Prayer, and giving something up. Every Monday – Friday until Spring Break, there will be a short reading and prayer recommendations. The Bible readings and reflections will take about 4 minutes, followed by 1 minute of prayer from our suggestions, for a total of 5 minutes per day.  

Prep 41 finishes with 1 full week (week 7) ending with Matthew 28 on Easter Sunday. 

We will keep you updated via social media with suggestions and ideas for prayer as we go through the season of lent.

We are also challenging our students to give up one item in their life for the same amount of time: 5 minutes. To keep it simple we are suggesting our students to delete one app for the Lenten season, and use some of the time you might have spent on the app, to instead read the daily scripture.

If you only want to do one challenge this Lenten Season…

If you only want to do one of the challenges this Lenten Season, choose the reading of the Bible. Don’t get caught up in “rules.” It would be great if you could do this every day, but if you miss a day or so, pick back up with us wherever we are in the reading. Verses for the current day will be on the screens in the commons, as well as in the student bulletin, and on our social media platforms.

Social Media

On the top right of this page, you will find the downloadable Prep 41 calendar. This calendar has the daily Bible Passages we are challenging you to read. Download this PDF and keep it on your computer desktop or print it out. Print it and put it up on your family’s bulletin board or pin it up at your work desk.

Facebook and Instagram will also have the daily readings. On Facebook, you will find the weekly calendars of Bible passages, posted every Sunday to prepare you for the upcoming week. Instagram will also have the weekly calendars posted every Sunday, as well as the daily Bible passage on our “Story.” 

Prep 41 Calendar - PDF Downloadable & Printable