Prep 41

This year the season of Lent begins on February 26 (Ash Wednesday) and ends on April 12 (Easter Sunday). Unity students and families are once again invited to participate in our Lenten tradition of Bible reading and prayer – Prep 41

In preparation for Easter, each weekday during Lent we will provide a Bible passage to look up and read (approximately four minutes of reading time). After reading the passage we encourage all who participate to reflect on the passage in prayer for approximately one minute. Our hope is for everyone to spend five minutes, five days a week in preparation for Easter Sunday.

Additionally, we are offering something new this year – a Lenten devotional booklet!

The Cross is a series of ten devotional readings written by a variety of Christian ministry leaders and published by Christianity Today. The devotional is designed to be flexible; you can read through the articles at your own pace or use one of the suggested reading programs found in the booklet.

By providing different opportunities to engage scripture, spend time in prayer, and learn from leading Christian thinkers we believe this season of Lent can be a time of spiritual reflection and growth for students and families.

A copy of The Cross will be sent home with your student (or your oldest student at Unity) Look for more information on Unity’s website and on Unity’s social media. Please call Unity’s office at 669-1820 with any questions.

Find the Printable Prep-41 Calendar here!