Careerline Tech Center

What is the Careerline Tech Center

The Careerline Tech Center will help high school students get to their next goal. Whether your student next goal is to go to college or technical school, land a dream job, or even start a business. The Careerline Tech Center offers a variety of programs to high school students the give them the opportunity to receive academic credit as well as elective credit upon program completion. 

How to Apply to the Careerline Tech Center

Careerline Tech Center Website for instructions, or read the same instructions below to apply: 

Step 1 – Sit down with your parent(s)/guardian(s). The application must be filled out with parent/guardian. A Parent/Guardian signature will be required.  Gather address and contact information including phone numbers and email addresses. The student should be prepared to select a first and second program choice and to write a short essay on why they want to attend the program. Here is a list of programs offered at the Careerline Tech Center. 

Step 2 – Start the Online Electronic Application.  The first step will collect basic information.  Once this is filled in, the application will send an email to the parent/guardian’s email address.  The link will allow the parent/guardian and student to complete the registration process.  Please put the parent/guardian’s email address in, do not use the student’s school issued or personal email. 

Step 3 – Finish the Online Registration process from the emailed link that came to the parent/guardian’s email.  Please keep the email until the registration process is complete.  You will be able to save and edit the information until you have completed all steps in the registration process.

Step 4 – When all of the information is complete including the medical and release information, click the Save and Complete button.  At this point, you are no longer able to make changes to your application, and the information is routed to the student’s High School Counselor or Careerline Tech Center to finish processing.

*Step 5 – IMPORTANT!  When the application is completed, please Print the application.*

Step 6 – Once the application is printed, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) should review the completed application including the medical and release information.  If there are any changes from the information filled out online, mark them on the printed form.  The parent/guardian should sign and date the printed form.

Step 7 – Please turn in your signed application to your student’s counselor by our deadline. 

If you have technical difficulties or errors in the application, please contact the OAISD Technology Services Help Desk at 1-877-702-8601 x 3000.