Israel 2020

Our study trip to Israel will bring God’s Word to life in new and inspiring ways by immersing us in the land, culture, and world of the Bible.

As we walk in the footsteps of Abraham, David, and Jesus, our faith will be deepened and our passion to live for God will be strengthened in ways that will last long after we return home. The trip is open to the Unity community. While there will be a focus on including current high school students, we also invite Unity alumni, faculty, and parents to be a part of the trip.

The trip is broadly open to anyone interested. We will travel the Land and study the Bible in-depth in its original setting. Our time at each site will include teaching, reflection time, and hiking. We will learn with our minds, our hearts, and our feet.

Unity Christian High School invites you to join this life-changing experience. While the trip includes current UCHS high school students, any alumni, faculty, family, and friends are invited to be a part of the trip.  The trip is also broadly open and welcome to anyone who is interested in participating.