Infusion Project Introduction

On September 9, at Unity’s Open House a new initiative was introduced to Unity parents; The Infusion Project. This initiative, created by Unity Christian, is an exciting opportunity, allowing us to better serve parents, students, and the larger Unity community.

At Unity, we believe it is more challenging than ever for students to navigate through the issues they face during their teenage years.

Here at Unity, we want to cultivate awareness and understanding for our community to best engage a rapidly changing culture while living in faith, with excellence, for lives of service.

We are excited to see how The Infusion Project will grow in scope as time goes on. Initially, however, parents and the larger Unity community will have inside access to the life of a student at Unity, learning more of how being a Christian teenager in Generation Z is more challenging than ever.

How will we do this? We have lots of ideas! Here are just a few:

The first idea that we have is to write to you, our parents and community, through our blog –Deeper Colors. In this blog, we will address specific issues related to the high school years and how Unity faculty and staff are equipped to minister to students “for such a time as this”.

Parent Nights! We are in the early stages of planning two evenings during the school year for parents to come to Unity to learn about and discuss relevant topics related to students, their world, and their faith.

Over the course of the year, we will be providing access to faith-based Resources for parents and students related to engaging culture.

And we will provide an inside look into Chapels at Unity. We hope that by sharing our chapels with you, you can become even more connected with us here at Unity Christian. We hope you not only become more connected with us, but also with your student(s) by being able to have discussions about these times of worship that we share.

We are excited to introduce The Infusion Project to the Unity community and look forward to the impact it will have as we claim all things for Christ.

May our colors run deep,


Dan Landstra

Director of Spiritual Life and Leadership