Our Staff

wdt_ID First Name Last Name Subject Email
1 Chris Achterhof U.S. History, AP Government, Student Council cachterhof@unitychristian.org
3 Joe Baillargeon Global Studies, Bible I jbaillargeon@unitychristian.org
4 Bob Bakker English III, English IV, AP English Literature rbakker@unitychristian.org
5 Jill Bakker PE 9; Health 10, Lifetime Sports & Fitness I, Racquet & Team Sports, Fitness jbakker@unitychristian.org
6 Matt Bakker U.S. History, Global Studies, Economics mbakker@unitychristian.org
66 Tim Blamer Bible III, Intro to Bible, Global Studies, Personal Finance tblamer@unitychristian.org
70 Ian Billin Computers, Accounting ibillin@unitychristian.org
11 Mark Bonner Introduction to Bible, Bible II, Global Studies, Personal Finance mbonner@unitychristian.org
12 Rob Bosma Biology, Anatomy, Physiology I & II rbosma@unitychristian.org
13 Krista Bosscher Executive Secretary unity@unitychristian.org
First Name Last Name Subject Email