Why Unity

Unity Christian is a place where every student is recognized as God’s own child with a specific plan for their life.  The Christian faith and educational excellence that goes hand in hand makes Unity a unique high school.

  • It begins with our vision of “Developing followers of Christ, to be leaders.”
  • It is carried out by providing “Bible and faith based instruction, standards focused curriculum and co-curricular programs.”
  • It is sustained by focusing on our motto of “Educational excellence in a Christian community.”


Living the Christian faith is vital to the education at Unity. The entire school community gathers Monday through Thursday mornings for a 15 minute chapel of prayer, praise and devotions with our God. In each class, teachers and students use the Bible to guide their understanding of the subject at hand and to apply their understanding to their faith journey.


Unity serves a wide range of God’s children with varying gifts and abilities.  A comprehensive curriculum, which includes a large spectrum of courses based on the Biblical truths and taught by individuals who love the Lord and love to teach.  Courses range from Advanced Placement to basic, from science labs to shop classes, from audition music groups to beginner music groups.  Unity is preparing students for college or the workplace.


Students are encouraged to live out a life of service by volunteering and dedicating themselves to assist the less fortunate and meeting the many needs in our local and broader community.