Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools

The Eastern Ottawa Christian Schools (EOCS) serve Ottawa County with a Christian education commitment to increasing faith, educational excellence, hospitality and service. Unity Christian High School is the regional Christian high school for this area.

Allendale Christian School

301 students, K-8
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Borculo Christian School

221 students, K-8
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Jenison Christian School

309 students, K-8
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Lamont Christian School

88 students, K-8
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These schools are private, parent-governed schools. Each has its own constitution and Board of Directors. Each school’s philosophy is based on the Reformed and always reforming perspective of Christianity and seeks to advance God’s Kingdom through the Christian education of His children.

The students are drawn from an area of approximately 300 square miles. The general population of this area is approximately 80,000 people. These elementary schools and Unity Christian High School are supported by 10% of the people in the area.